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PT. INDUSTRI AGRIBISNIS INDONESIA (INAGRIN) was established since 2019,specializes in manufacturing and exporting agribusiness products such as Corn Cob Meal, Woodchips, Sawdust, Wood Pellet, and Wood Shaving be coming one of the new manufacturing companies entering indonesia. We are able to supply in large volume, long term stability supply and competitive price and hight quality in providing our products/commodities, we have developed overseas market segment with regular delivery to Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Woodchip and Sawdust

Entering 2020, the company expanded to manufacturing and export the new product of Woodchips and Sawdust Block, the raw material of Woodchip and Sawdust Block comes from the environmentally friendly rubber wood through the processing of chipping, screening, per month, meanwhile the remaining Sawdust form Woodchipis processed into Sawdust Block through crusher processing and pressing. with a capacity production 250 tons per month. 

Woodchip is used as a biomass fuel for industry, power plant, and household as a substitute for  natural gas, coal, and fossil fuels, while Sawdust Block is used as a bio-mass fuel and as a media for mushroom cultivation and animal bedding.

Corn Cob Meal

The company started producing and exporting Corn Cob Meal for animal feed, animal bedding, and mushroom cultivation media, the raw material for Corn Cob Meal comes from corn shells through crushing, drying, and pressing processes with PP bag @30 kg or without PP bag (according to customers request), with a capacity production 300 tons per month.


Persistence in working with honesty, consistency, and commitment in all situations.


To improve human resources and focus on safety,health and environmental


Persistence in working with honesty, consistency, and commitment in all situations.


Always provide the best quality products and maximum service to customers


Constantly improving products and services as well as the availability of accepting orders for custom products according to customer needs.


High dedication to responsibly fulfill agreements with customers


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PT Industri Agribisnis Indonesia

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