In early 2021 PT. INDUSTRI AGRIBISNIS INDONESIA (INAGRIN) expanded its new business sector by producing Woodchips made from wood raw materials into wood chips (Woodchips) with particles measuring 10-50 mm. Through the production process of cutting, screening and drying.

Woodchip products are solid fuels (biomass solid fuel) substitute for fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal, besides. This Woodchip product will become the main fuel in the future as solid fuel (biomass solid fuel)


and can be applied to industry for burning boilers and others that require high calories and power plant units that require steam or fuel, which is widely used in foreign countries such as Japan and Korea.

Besides that, Woodchip products are safer to use and environmentally friendly, because the smoke from the combustion of Woodchip does not contain harmful substances due to complete combustion, Woodchip residue is not included in the category. hazardous and toxic materials (B3) so that their use will not have a negative impact on the environment.

PT Industri Agribisnis Indonesia (INAGRIN) guarantees that the quality and quality of the Woodchip Sawdust Block products produced can be guaranteed because it goes through a production machine process from raw materials to product materials so that quality can be adjusted to specifications, and price and stock stability are guaranteed in the long term because it does not depend on season / weather such as coal and shells.


Particle Size          : 10-50 mm
Total Moisture      : 20-30 %
Ash Content          : < 3 %
Biomass                 : > 97.5 %
Nitrogen                 : < 1.0  %
Fines                        : < 2.5 %
Sulfur                       : < 0.05 %
Capacity                : 1200 MT /Month or more
Calorie                    : 3500 -4500 Kcal/kg

PT Industri Agribisnis Indonesia

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