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Corn Cob Meal (CCM)


          PT. INDUSTRI AGRIBISNIS INDONESIA (INAGRIN) was established in early 2019. A company engaged in the agribusiness industry in the form of corn and its derivative products. The products produced from this industry are shelled corn and Corn Cob Meal. Where from corn husks is processed into corn shells and the remaining waste (waste) the company develops products into Corn Cob Meal (CCM) which is ready for export, through production processes from crushing, drying, pressing, packing and fumigation before being stuffing into containers.

          This Corn Cob Meal (CCM) is the flagship product of PT. INAGRIN, where this product is used as a media for mushroom cultivation and fodder, as one of the strategic export commodities encouraged by the government. In the development of products in the agribusiness sector that bring in foreign exchange, besides that this sector can reduce environmental pollution and create new jobs, government policies that encourage the development of environmentally friendly production can be a separate achievement for the development of this agribusiness industry and it is hoped that the government can issue several new regulations,

as well as simplification of licensing that can reduce export taxes and duties so that Indonesian CornCob Meal products can compete with products from other countries.

           The company made additional investments and renewel heavy equipment and machine (wheel loader, forklift, dump truck and rotary dryer) expand of drying fields and office buildings to support increasing the productivity of the company’s work, with this additional investment, it is hoped that the target work of production at the beginning of the year as much as 300 tons/month can be reach, and the company has also made several changes and development of a more effective and efficient work system, where there are several factors that are still hampering the chain including the procurement of raw materials that is not consistent and the price is relatively high, not to mention the production costs increase along with the decline in production due to  equipment damage and weather factors that result in not optimal production result, this makes management  challenged to combine problems with expectations in achieving company progress.

           In addition, the company also focuses on developing market share and building credibility and trust in customers by providing the best service for the quality control of products and offered quickly and on time delivered, this effort is made to maintain customer loyalty.


Particle Size                  : 4-8 mm
Total Moisture              : 12-14 %
Ash Content                 : < 3 %
Oil Content                   : 0.1 %
Protein                           : 2.75 %
Fiber                               : 35 %
CA                                   : 8 Ppm
Cross calorie Value    : 1500 Kcal/Kg

PT Industri Agribisnis Indonesia

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