In the same year 2021 PT. INDONESIA AGRIBUSINESS INDUSTRY(INAGRIN) expanded new bussines by producing a Sawdust Blocks. process Sawdust Blocks made from the cutting and screening process is reprocessed into Sawdust Block through a crusher and press process.

Sawdust Block products are solid fuels (biomass solid fuel) substitute for fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal, besides that Sawdust Block can be used as a medium for mushroom cultivation and animal bedding.

Woodchip and Sawdust Block products are the result of the development of unit business and as one of the strategic export commodities in the agribusiness sector driven by the government and generate foreign exchange and taxes.

In the development of the Woodchip and Sawdust Block units business, all of them use modern machines and tools, so that production capacity can be increased according to installed capacity, besides that the availability and supply of raw materials is more secure because the factory location is close to the source of raw materials.


Particle Size      : 0-5 mm
Total Moisture  : 12-13%
Capacity           : 250 MT / Month or More

PT Industri Agribisnis Indonesia

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